The Melbourne University Isotope Geochemistry group was established in 1994 by Janet Hergt and Jon Woodhead. We have grown a great deal over the years and now constitute a major research team within the School of Earth Sciences. We have 8 academic staff and typically 5-10 PhD and several Master/Honours students at any given time. We publish around 25 peer-reviewed papers per year, and provide analytical  services to a wide array of academic and industry partners both within Australia and overseas.

Meet the team...


Prof. Janet Hergt

Deputy Vice President, Academic Board

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Prof Jon Woodhead
Australian Laureate Fellow

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Dr Roland Maas
Manager, Isotope Labs

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Dr John Hellstrom
ARC Future Fellow, U-series analysis, Palaeoclimate

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Dr Alan Greig
Manager, Trace element labs

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Dr Bence Paul
Manager, Iolite Software 

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Dr Kale Sniderman
Postdoctoral Fellow, Speleothem Palynology 

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Dr Helen Green
Postdoctoral Fellow, Rock art dating

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Dr Florian Dux
Postdoctoral Fellow, Clumped isotope palaeotemperature reconstruction

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Some recent and current students and their projects (chronological):


Recent students

Jan Tympel, PhD: Geochemical studies of Archaean magmatism, PhD thesis under examination

Kieran Iles, PhD: Isotopic disequilibrium effects during granite petrogenesis, PhD (graduated 2017)

Andrea Columbu, joint with Geography, PhD:the potential of carbonate speleothems from Mediterranean gypsum caves for palaeoclimate reconstruction (graduated 2017)

Petra Bajo, PhD joint with Geography (graduated 2016) : Geochemical investigations of Corchia speleothems: Implications for past climate change

Estephany Marillo Sialer, PhD (graduated 2016): Investigation of 'matrix effects' during laser ablation ICPMS analysis

Xiaowen Gu, MSc: Geochronology and petrogenesis of West Australian lamproites (graduated 2016)

John Engel, MSc (graduated 2015): Investigation of the Pb-step leaching method for garnet geochronology

Dr Helen Green, PhD (graduated 2014): Palaeoclimatic potential of speleothems from S.E. Australia

Dr Matthew Felgate, PhD (graduated 2014): Age and origin of Brazilian kimberlites

Candan Desem, Hons (graduated 2014): Pb and Sr isotope investigations of groundwater around the Century Mine


Current students

Tzu-Ying Kuo, PhD:Trace element and isotopic investigations of altered ocean crust

Safana Sellman, joint with Geography, PhD: High-resolution speleothem records of Pliocene climate 

Anzu Ikei, PhD: Petrogenesis of back arc basin basalts

Damien Finch, PhD: Elemental characterisation of Kimberley rock art

Angus Fitzpayne, joint with Geography, PhD: MARID metasomatism in the mantle

Tom Pollard, PhD: speleothem records of climate and environmental change during the Marine Isotope Stage 11 interglacial

Rieneke Weij, PhD: speleothem proxies for palaeoprecipitation

Bianca Dickson, PhD: Speleothem palynology

John Engel, PhD: Further development of the U-Pb in speleothem chronometer